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108 views 1080 x 1074❤️❤️❤️ miss ya boys! (And u too spenoid!) @spencerfalls
113 views 750 x 750Daddy's daddy
123 views 0 x 0When cami won't run lines with me :(
215 views 842 x 842First ep of riverdale season 2 is wrapped up. directed by the legend @robseidenglanz who is an epic director, but more importantly, an epic human being. One of the narliest weeks of shooting I've done in a wee while, can't wait for you guys to see what we're doing with Season2!! 1 in the bank!! 21 left to go. #deehaa haha u know what's up when u get into your trailer in the morning and the only wardrobe you have is a pair of skin* coloured jocks.
106 views 1080 x 809the boys are flogged.
93 views 750 x 750My source is in the cross.
230 views 1080 x 770spenoid & keo da haole 😻😻#theboys #redrockyftbb
128 views 750 x 750cast me. cast me. cast me.
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