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57 views 1080 x 1206Green Pasture blue ice fermented Cod Liver Oil. Most of us don't get enough fish in our diet and so the need to supplement is something worth looking into. Omega 3 can help with brain functioning and healthy skin (along with heaps of other stuff). Charcoal is something i take when I know there are toxins in my stomach, food poisoning from something funny overseas or even before bed after a few drinks/treats (treats 😍😍) It'll attract the toxins (kinda like a magnet) so that you can poop them out 👌🏽. This is not a shout out, I'm just pumped! lmao
75 views 1080 x 809So nice this morning to be out of the gym for a change! Stretchingup before getting wrecked by some sprints @homeholisticla
56 views 1080 x 670We're back on this Thursday. There are 2 more eps of #riverdale left, don't miss it.
58 views 0 x 0Find out who killed Jason Blossom this Thursday on the CW. #riverdale
76 views 750 x 750Pez ❤️ a true legend. Lucky to have him on this earth
125 views 1080 x 1350Working on some Lower back today, definitely the weakest link in my body. I'm cooked after doing only 8 reps of the exercise Nick is doing on my story. I feel the effects of the exercise concentrated in my lower back but it's also a great exercise for targeting all the small stabilizer muscles which run the entire length of the spine. This helps to improve posture, breathing mechanics and your ability to stand tall and move naturally. @homeholisticla
61 views 1080 x 718Throw back da boys snoz bono meets Dennis Rodman #iconic
67 views 0 x 0Working on more back today, this time in the mid section. Working on these exercises helped me realize an imbalance in my body. The imbalance being an overdeveloped chest relative to the muscles in my back which pulls me forward, effecting my breathing, digestion and pretty much everything I do without me even knowing it. My form is pretty kooky in this vid haha real shaky. I hate working on weaknesses but you just gotta get it done!!! Try this exercise @homeholisticla
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